Strength Training: The Key to Sustainable Fat Loss and Breaking the Cardio Myth

The answer is STRENGTH TRAINING. For smart sustainable fat loss…

But this is the polar OPPOSITE of what we’ve been indoctrinated into believing about losing fat, getting lean, and maintaining a healthy weight.

So what’s the deal? Because doesn’t a moderate-intensity cardio workout burn more calories than a progressive strength training workout?

Yes, it does. But that’s not the entire story…

While cardio burns more calories in a session, It lacks the “post-exercise metabolic benefit” when compared to strength training, which increases the afterburn for several hours after a strength workout ends, and overall burns more calories, period.

So an ideal training program will emphasize strength training a minimum of 3x per week, focusing on the primary goal of developing muscle and strength.

In addition…

Cardiovascular training should be incorporated 2x per week minimum for heart health, recovery, and, yes, of course, additional workload and caloric output.

Stop asking yourself, “Is cardio better than strength training for fat loss?” And instead, find a competent coach for adding strength work into your routine.

If FAT LOSS is one of your goals. You need to add muscle.

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